Tools for the Journey

Moving through this experience of life we often encounter the unexpected. Be the experience one of joy or one of sorrow and even those in between. HTSM is committed to walking along side you.

We offer some tools and opportunities to help navigate and light your path.  

Pastor Mike and Hello To Soul Ministries is here to walk along side you with joy and encouragement regardless of what may be needed to move through your current experience.

Should  you have questions about any of these tools and opportunities or what will work for your  particular situation don't hesitate to reach out and Talk to HTSM by clicking on the link and filling out the contact form.We look forward to hearing from you!

In recognition of the current COVID-19 situation all of our services are provided using the current social distancing standards and in many situations we are able to serve you remotely using video conferencing.

Praying Together
Tools and Opportunities
for the Physical Journey

Pastoral Counseling

Health Education

Life Coaching

Guest Lecturing

Tools and Opportunities
 for the Spiritual Journey

Funerals/Memorials/Celebration of Life
Spiritual Direction
Commencement Ceremonies
Guest Preaching / Pulpit Supply

Spiritual Education


We currently serve Bellingham, Washington and the surrounding areas.

 Travel outside of our service area may be a possibility, contact us for details or to make arrangements.

Some services conducted remotely may not be limited by location.